“Cookies are made of butter and love.” ~Norwegian Proverb


Serving Suggestions

When to enjoy & share …

  • Perfect way to start your day for breakfast.
  • An ideal gift for any gift giving occasion.
  • A wholesome pastry savored all year long.


Pairings and combinations …

  • Shortbread is traditionally enjoyed with tea or coffee.
  • Always lovely when served with dessert and fresh fruit.
  • Spread your favorite jams or fruit preserves.

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A Message  from the Founder

This thick, pure butter, melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookie is baked with our personal attention and lots of love. It is carefully prepared to ensure a perfectly delicious gourmet cookie, every single time

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What’s New

  • New Packaging and Flavors for our Tea Mate line. We recently launched new packaging for our Tea Mate line with the following Flavors: Classic, Lemon Zest, Cherry/Almond, Mango/Coconut and Lavender.   1 dozen cookies packed and sealed in a cello bag inside a cookie bag that we offer in Gold, Red, Green or White.  We just completed a tasting contest of 13 vendors in Phoenix AZ. and ...
  • Laguna Beach, CA For those who love California beaches we recently signed up a new customer in Laguna Beach, CA.  Right downtown on Forest Ave be sure to visit  the new Laguna Coffee Wine and Specialty Foods.  Great assortment of Coffees, Wines and Foods.  Our Tea Mates in all 5 flavors pair well with your favorite beverage, fruit, tea ...
  • A consumer’s evaluation totally unsolicited via eamil to the founder Dear Jean, I wandered into a shop in Sedona and purchased a small box of your shorties. Expecting to taste a normal, run of the highlands shortbread….I was in for a surprise. Oh my word, they are melt in your mouth heavenly. I loved shortbread cookies and have tried them all…none ...



1st Place Award Winner, Shortbread Division – Food Distribution Magazine’s International Cookie Contest


Award Winner – Food Distribution Magazine’s International Cookie Contest


1st Place Award Winner, Bakery Division – The Best New Nebraska Food Products Contest