“Cookies are made of butter and love.” ~Norwegian Proverb


Serving Suggestions

When to enjoy & share …

  • Perfect way to start your day for breakfast.
  • An ideal gift for any gift giving occasion.
  • A wholesome pastry savored all year long.


Pairings and combinations …

  • Shortbread is traditionally enjoyed with tea or coffee.
  • Always lovely when served with dessert and fresh fruit.
  • Spread your favorite jams or fruit preserves.

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About Silk Shortbread

Silk Shortbread was founded by Jean Silk, a Master Pastry Chef.  The third generation family recipe was passed down to Jean where she continued to use the same basic ingredients and proprietary process to duplicate the same cookie from her past.

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Silk Shortbread Reviews

“OOOOOhhhhh, YEAH! This product is absolutely awesome. Unbelievably, the Gluten-Free Gourmet Shortbread Brownie, made using oat and rice flour, is THE BEST gluten-free baked product I have ever tasted. Even my non-GF taste testers agree…”
-M.R. Designs & Gifts

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“…Melt in your mouth heavenly. I love shortbread cookies and have tried them all… none come close to the deliciousness of yours. Once people taste the true thing like yours they’ll never eat any other kind…”
-Liz D., Sedona, AZ

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1st Place Award Winner – Food Distribution Magazine


1st Place Bakery Division – Bakker’s Best


1st Place 2012, 2013 Best Cookie – Chili & Chocolate Festival


1st Place – West Coast Finals Cookie Contest 2013: Lemon Zest, Cherry Almond