About Silk Shortbread


John Bullard and Jean Silk

John Bullard, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Jean Silk, Founder and Pastry Chef

Silk Shortbread was founded by Jean Silk, a Master Pastry Chef.  The third generation family recipe was passed down to Jean where she continued to use the same basic ingredients and proprietary process to duplicate the same cookie from her past.


Shortbread cookies’ worldly history gives a deeper significance to this seemingly simple pastry.  Shortbread was originally a common dessert served in Scotland and very popular in the remainder of the United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland and Sweden.  The refined version of the cookie is attributed to Mary, Queen of Scots in the 16th Century and consists of three basic ingredients: flour, sugar and butter.  The treat was given the name ‘shortbread’ because of the crumbly texture caused by the large amount of flavorful butter in each cookie.


Jean provides the highest quality of cookie to inspire childhood memories and the comforting taste of home.  Each one of Silk Shortbread’s thick, pure butter, melt-in-your-mouth cookies is baked with love and personal attention to ensure a perfectly delicious gourmet cookie.  At one time, this buttery treat was considered a luxury and only relished on special occasions such as Christmas and weddings; now, Silk Shortbread offers this luxurious treat as a snack to be enjoyed every day. Our cookies are handmade in the beautiful southwest desert region of Phoenix, Arizona. Order your own US made cookies today!


A Message from the Founder


This thick, pure butter, melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookie is baked with our personal attention and lots of love. It is carefully prepared to ensure a perfectly delicious gourmet cookie, every single time.


Silk Shortbread offers a delicate and rich flavor thanks to a very short list of ingredients and of course, from the finest butter available. All of our ingredients are fresh and free of preservatives.


From the letters and comments folks share, Silk Shortbread cookies seem to stir childhood memories of the comforting tastes of home. For those who like to travel, Silk Shortbread cookies may remind you of tea time in the quaint cottages and elegant tea rooms of the United Kingdom.


We hope our classic buttery Silk Shortbread family recipe brings to mind many of your own fond memories while you enjoy this with loved ones.